How to Eat Healthy on Thanksgiving – Helpful Diet Strategies

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Learning how to eat healthy on Thanksgiving is easy with these diet strategies. Stay on track with your health and weight loss goals even on special occasions. 

Keep reading for 2 secret weapons to Thanksgiving Weight Loss if you don’t eat as healthy as you’d like.
How to Eat Healthy on Thanksgiving

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1. How to Eat Healthy on Thanksgiving by Front Loading Water

Get your water in early. Thanksgiving day comes with lots of enticing drinks. From fancy sparkling cider to mules or a lovely glass of wine. 

To have a healthy Thanksgiving, you could try to drink all 8 glasses of water throughout the day, but as the day progresses it’s easy to forget. 

Besides, you don’t want to water down your digestive juices. Your stomach needs all the help it can get to process this feast. 

So start water early. Measure your 8 glasses out the night before. Get your favorite cup or bottle, straw, and make those 8 glasses of water happen before the festivities begin. 

Challenge yourself not to have a morning beverage before you’ve had at least 4 cups of water. Have the last 4 cups while you get ready or start food preparations. 

Now you’re ready for a nice filling low-calorie breakfast.

2. How to Eat Healthy on Thanksgiving – Breakfast Choices

Sometimes, skipping breakfast isn’t the worst thing you can do. But know thyself. 

Will coffee with cream keep you full enough to not overindulge when the appetizers finally hit the table? 

And when will you have access to food? 

These questions help you decide whether you can skip breakfast to save those calories for later or whether you’re better off eating a filling breakfast. 

If you’re more likely to make mindful decisions with a full stomach, start your day with a low-calorie, veggie, and protein-rich breakfast. Something to take the edge off. 

A couple of scrambled eggs and lightly sauteed veggies is always a safe bet. 

Thanksgiving Weight Loss Tips

3. Healthy Thanksgiving Strategy – Is It All Good?

Do you really love every dish at Thanksgiving? 

Of course, Hawaiian rolls are tasty, but maybe not as tasty as stuffing and mashed potatoes. Or perhaps, a spoonful of super sweet yams with marshmallows is plenty for you.

You don’t have to eat everything served. Remember there is always seconds. Make your first portions smaller than you think you’ll want. Then see how you feel before having seconds.

Save room for what you truly enjoy and skip those high-calorie sides that don’t really add any enjoyment to your plate.

4. Savor and Enjoy

Instead of a nibble here and there all afternoon, fill your plate with appetizers, sit down with a drink, and relish the deliciousness. 

Not sure what you’ll like best at dinner? Take a tiny bit of everything. Then go back for the things you loved most. Always keep in mind –  desserts are up next. 

Thanksgiving is like one big all-day meal.

Yes, the food is yummy but not when you’re so full your stomach hurts. 

Part of enjoying any feast is being aware of your physical comfort level.

5. This Simple Activity Burns Calories 

Dress to impress but also to walk. Make sure you have your walking shoes and a proper outdoor jacket. 

A stroll around the neighborhood helps with digestion. Plus, it uses up those extra calories circulating through your bloodstream right after a meal. 

6. How to Eat Healthy on Thanksgiving with Flexibility

Of course, when you make a push to lose weight, you want to be closer to 100% with clean eating and working out, but that isn’t always sustainable long term. You need flexibility in your life. 

Having some treat or ‘off’ days here and there when you’re working hard on your health goals isn’t going to slow you down. 

How to Eat Healthy on Thanksgiving with a Healthy ‘Off’ Day Mindset

Some people call these “cheat meals”, but you’re not a cheater. You’re a beautiful, strong woman who wants to prioritize your health and sometimes enjoy a special occasion without worrying about every bite you take. 

You’re ‘off’ your normal schedule. For this one day, you’re ‘off’ being 100% committed. 

Combine these special ‘off’ days with the diet strategies here and you’ll continue to crush your goals.

If you eat clean 80% of the time and go off 20% of the time, you can still achieve your health goals. 

Plus, by using the 80/20 rule, you build the powerful habit of learning how to get back on track after ‘off’ days.

Going a Little Off Plan for Thanksgiving Weight Loss

In fact, going off-plan might be exactly what’s needed to keep you motivated. 

Off’ days are like a relief valve. You know your ‘off’ day is coming so you focus your efforts to be ‘on’ before and after that day. 

Besides, an ‘off’ day doesn’t need to be non-stop indulgences. A few favorite treats can satisfy as much as a free-for-all day full of overly processed foods.

But if that does happen, it can drive home exactly how bad you feel when you eat too much junk foods.  

7. Secret Weapons for Thanksgiving Weight Loss

If you decide to indulge at your Thanksgiving feast, here are two supplements that save the day.

The first is activated charcoal tablets. Take these according to directions on the bottle any time you’re eating a large heavily processed meal. My favorite brand.

Activated charcoal absorbs toxins and helps the body rid itself of unwanted substances. This natural detoxifier also helps alleviate gas and bloating.

If you take medication, check with your healthcare provider before using activated charcoal as it can also absorb drugs from your system.  

The best time to take activated charcoal is 1-4 hours after eating. I like to take 2 capsules after dinner and two more after dessert.

Digestive enzymes are your second secret weapon for Thanksgiving weight loss.

Digestive enzymes not only help you digest a large meal, but they help your digestive system process the smorgasbord of nutrients you’ve just eaten.

This is my favorite brand of digestive enzymes. Learn why it’s my favorite and how it helps with weight loss here.

How to Eat Healthy on Thanksgiving

Relax and Have Fun

On average, 2000 calories a day, maintains your current weight. 

You would then need to add another 3,500 calories to your average daily calorie intake to gain 1 lb of body weight. 

That’s a huge amount of calories in the bank to spend on Thanksgiving.

The most important part of any special occasion day is getting right back ‘on’ track afterward. 

When you get back on track immediately following a day or two of being off track, you’re golden.

Being healthy is about making healthy decisions most of the time.

Sometimes it’s just as important to enjoy a special holiday with friends and family without obsessing about your food.

Weight loss is a side effect of healthy living which makes healthy ways – Shapely Ways.

What’s your family’s must-have Thanksgiving dishes? Which one do you look forward to the most? 


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