How to make goals

Goal Getter Series Step #2: Choose Your Battles

Hey there Action Taker,

Wherever you are now, the next version of you is possible with incremental daily change.

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Sexy by spring? You got it.

Rock your health goals and have fun? Absolutely.

Choose your most important goals? Let’s do this.

First, let’s prioritize your list of goals by eliminating some of them.

Big inhale, it’s a good thing.

?️ Slash any ‘should do’ goals that you don’t really want to do, but you think you should. Nobody has time for those motivation killers.

If they’re important to your health, you’ll feel motivated to conquer them once you start building momentum with your easy-can’t-wait-to-do-’em goals.

?️ Cut out any negative, ugly goals like, ‘Stop Being Fat’.

Look closely, if any of your goals make you feel bad, slash ’em, then re-word them with kind, encouraging words.

You’re unique and a wonderfully made miracle – own it.

?️ Eliminate or replace vague goals that aren’t measurable. For example:

Healthy by 2021

Instead, replace it with a specific health goal, like this one.

Chomp leafy greens before lunch and dinner. 

?️ Finally, cross out any goals you’re working towards for other people.

Yep, even if they’re good ones. Health goals made for others aren’t sustainable.

Your goals have to be yours. Do them for you.

Okay, now you have a worthy list.

Next, week you’ll choose the ones that’ll make the biggest impact on your health this year. Plus, I have a special freebie offer for you in that email. 

Lastly, thank you for your emails. I am honored by your vulnerability and courage to share the habits you have struggled to put into place over the years.

Have faith dear friends, your dream goals are possible.

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Until next time, may all your ways be Shapely Ways.