drink 8 cups of water a day

This is it: How to Drink 8 Cups of Water a Day

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Drink 8 cups of water a day to change the quality of your life and your health.

Looking in the mirror, I wondered what was wrong with my make-up? It’s making every wrinkle stand out and my skin look crepey! 

Fast forward two weeks – I notice the same foundation makes my skin look smooth and clear. 

A friend I hadn’t seen in over a year commented on how glowing my skin looked. 

Then I remembered I had consistently been drinking 8 cups of water a day for the last two weeks and previously I was barely drinking any water at all. 

While researching all the ways drinking 8 cups of water helps with weight loss in this post, I learned how beneficial drinking plenty of water can be. 

Benefits Of Drinking 8 Cups Of Water

Besides improving your chances of weight loss, drinking 8 cups of water can improve numerous other aspects of your health. It improves

  • Mental focus
  • Skin elasticity
  • Lubrication in  joints
  • Memory and brain function
  • Lower back pain associated with dehydration
  • Kidney function
  •  Physical performance
  •  Energy levels

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Without A Plan, You Plan to Fail – How to Drink 8 Cups of Water a Day

Without much thought to how I would go about adding 8 cups of water to my day, I wrote in my weekly planner, “Drink 8 cups of water – 7 days a week”.  Weeks passed with minimal results. 

So I came up with a better plan. But every time I thought I had a system that worked, I would end up dumping my habit when life became extra busy. 

Still my “why” was important enough for me to keep looking for a way to make the habit of drinking 8 cups of water a day work.  

When something isn’t working in your life, don’t get down on yourself. Think of it as an experiment. Experimentation can be fun and interesting. Brainstorm new ways to solve your problem. Sometimes a good idea just needs some tweaking.

How I Easily Drink 8 Cups of Water A Day

One day, I was watching an interview where Jennifer Lopez mentioned how she keeps hydrated while working on a movie set. 

Years ago she was given a bling cup similar to this on her birthday and now she has one made for every new movie she makes. She keeps her bling-y cup filled and drinks water from it all day long.

Hmm, I decided that might work for me too. I had just received a pretty 24 oz Contigo insulated water bottle as a gift and thought why not try it JLo style. 

All of a sudden, drinking 8 cups of water a day became easy.

I still anchored my first 16 oz of drinking water to waking up in the morning, but after that, I filled my Contigo and took it wherever I went. 

It seemed almost magical how quickly the water disappeared. This habit that I had struggled with for over a year, became with just a little more effort, a way of life. Thank you, J.Lo! 

Will this method work for you? Try it and see. One of the reasons it has worked so well is because of the 24 oz Contigo water bottle I use during the day. Below, are the features that make this water bottle so amazing. 

The Perfect Bottle For Drinking 8 Cups of Water A Day

As beautiful as Jennifer’s bling-y cup is, it isn’t the most practical option for on the go sipping. And while most of these features aren’t mandatory, they all make life easier and more pleasant. 


It kinda matters. Make sure your bottle is one that you love looking at since you are going to have it with you for most of the day!


Cool refreshing water tastes good all year long. Drinking warm water on hot days is not refreshing. Make sure your bottle will keep your water cool all day long.


24 oz. seems about right. 3 cups is a big jump towards your goal and it means you won’t need to fill up too often. In fact, if you drink 16 oz. of water when you wake-up, you only need to fill up a 24 oz bottle twice to hit your 8 cup goal by the end of the day.

Plus, having a bottle narrow enough to fit in your car’s cup holder is a huge bonus.


When you are on your way to or from something and juggling other bags and items it’s nice to be able to hang your bottle from a finger.


There are so many places where an accidental spill would not be appreciated, including your own home!  

It’s also nice to know you can bend over and pick something up without having to set your water bottle down or worrying about liquid spilling out.

Attached Lid:

Yes, you could remove the lid every time you want a sip, but if you are like me, your more likely to leave the lid off. From personal experience, this leads to lost lids and spills. 

More Tips for Drinking 8 Cups of Water a Day

Some of these may seem surprisingly simple but trust me, they’re important.

  • Be a stickler for finishing your tumbler before refilling. You’ll know exactly where you are with your goal. 
  • If you are going out for the day, don’t leave without a full bottle. Sometimes, this combined with the above tip, helps you finish off those last few ounces before filling up again.
  • When your water bottle is empty, fill it up. Simple as that. It’s too easy to get sidetracked and miss opportunities to drink if it’s empty. 
  • Keep it near you as much as possible. It will seem as if you finish the bottle with just a few sips. It’s similar to mindlessly eating, but way better for your health!

Drinking 8 Cups of Water Is Hard In The Beginning

The first few days of creating the habit of drinking 8 cups water a day are a little harder. 

When you aren’t drinking enough water, your body adapts by using liquids from your foods. So your dehydrated body is more likely to crave food rather than water. 

Once you start hydrating with water, you’ll crave water more and more. You’ll replace dehydration hunger cravings with thirst cravings. This is when drinking 8 cups of water helps you lose weight.

And The Results Are…

I was surprised by how good I felt when I was hydrated. My energy levels were up, my mental focus was sharper, and my mood was elevated. I stopped waking up with puffy bags under my eyes and my skin was smoother.

The Biggest Benefit – Decreased Hunger

Snack cravings disappeared.  

Snacking sabotages me. An hour or so after a meal I might be bored or feel the need to have just a little something. Maybe I am even hungry again. 

In the past, this turned into snacking, then over-snacking, and finally missed meals. The missed meal would start the whole snacking process over again. 

Drinking 8 cups of water a day has made all the difference. Now, I eat my meal and then if I am bored or want a little something else, I sip water. 

This fills the desire to eat and makes it so I don’t get hungry between meals. 

Smoother Skin

The skin around and along the left side of my nose was almost always dry and flaky. I assumed I wasn’t exfoliating enough or my moisturizer wasn’t working in that area. As soon as I was drinking water on a regular basis this went away. 

A small change in your skin texture can be really noticeable. When I noticed my wrinkles looking more pronounced and the texture of my skin looking more crepey I was very concerned.  When I had some free time I was going to look into adding a new skincare moisturizer to combat this new development. Thankfully, drinking 8 cups of water fixed the problem first.

Increased Stamina

Normally, at the gym, I felt strong throughout my workout and good about what I had accomplished. 

But sometimes I had “weak days”, I was motivated to work hard, but my stamina just wasn’t there. Days when my body wasn’t willing to cooperate with my mental determination.  I could barely get through the workout and that left me feeling discouraged. 

I attributed these “weak days” to not having enough calories or nutrients to get me through. But since being hydrated I don’t experience these days anymore. Even when I work out in a fasted state. 

Confidence Boost

Not only did drinking 8 cups of water create all these health benefits but cracking the water habit gave my confidence a boost.

Sometimes you need a win to know you can win in other areas of your life. 

The Snowball Effect

The snowball effect is when a little ball of snow builds upon itself until it becomes much larger. The bigger it gets the more snow it accumulates.

Likewise, healthy habits build on themselves. You start with a small healthy habit, it helps you pick up one or two more. Then those habits, improve other areas of your life and pretty soon the momentum has you gaining big results. 

This can work both ways. Think of any bad habit and you can see how it easily leads to other bad habits.

Find A Way To Make It Happen

I hope the lesson in this story is to never give up on incorporating a healthy habit. 

If you want a change in your life and you aren’t able to make it happen the first, second or even 10th time, keep trying until you find the tip or trick that finally works. 

Everyone is different. Life is an experiment. Take joy in being your own personal guinea pig. You’ll find what works best for you. Your health is always worth the effort of adding new healthy habits.

Thank you for being here and taking the time to read to the end. Health journeys are more powerful when shared, so be sure to leave a comment below. ❤️



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10 thoughts on “This is it: How to Drink 8 Cups of Water a Day”

  1. April,
    I’ve heard about drinking a lot of water (8 cups or more) really does make you look younger, not to mention feel better and be healthier.

    My solution is a little different than yours. Coffee. Yep. I know, everyone will tell you that coffee is a diuretic. Yes and No. Up to about 300mg of caffeine a day (4 cups), coffee is in fact hydrating your body. Now more than 300mg, then it’s definitely a diuretic.

    Since I love coffee so much, I refuse to drink any coffee until I’ve already drunk 2 cups of water. Then I drink 2 cups of coffee. Later, in the day, I’ll drink another 2 cups of water to earn my 2 cups of coffee. Bingo! 8 cups of water.

    As a side note, I prefer super-smooth coffee. To find smooth coffee just search the internet for “smooth coffee” or “smooth coffee beans”. There are several good choices there.

    1. Hi Russell,

      I love how you challenge yourself to drink water before your coffee. I find that’s helpful as well. Habit => reward. Thank you for your comment and for the link to your post about whether or not coffee is a diuretic, I look forward to reading it. Now our pleasure won’t have to be guilty. 🙂

  2. April, I enjoyed reading your post especially the tips to build the habit. Drinking water when you feel hungry, then wait for 10 minutes and see if you really need to eat something – was my doctor’s advice. I agree that drinking hot water is not likable for many folks but lukewarm water helps in improved digestion. I can’t drink icy cold water even in Summer 🙂 I drink room temperature always, just start my day with 2 glasses of warm water. Luckily, I have this healthy habit in place!!

    1. That’s great Sheetal! Being hydrated makes such a big difference in your health. I love your doctor’s advice to wait and see if you are hungry or thirsty. So many times our bodies are just thirsty. Thank you for your comment!

  3. I definitely drank a glass of water after reading this. Great post, full of such good information. I drink a TON of water due to nursing my baby (I am AWAYS thirsty), and I have noticed my increased energy. I don’t need to drink coffee….yet. It has become such a great habit, I feel weird drinking anything else.

  4. I love that you anchored the habit to something you already did in the mornings. That’s a great way to build new healthy ones. You are SO right on how easy it is to have it with you so that you drink. How hydrated you are affects a lot of things in our bodies. I had my tumbler in the car today then ran a few errands after going to the gym and I was surprised to find it empty for the 3rd time when I went to get a drink. This is a great example of how not quitting can help you reach your goals. Well done, April!

    1. Thank you, Jennifer! It is so easy to get discouraged when a desired habit is on your todo list and never seems to get accomplished, but oh the feeling when you finally succeed. If you can keep trying until something finally clicks into place, it really pays off.

  5. I love the way you give me a different way to look at this issue. It is so easy to say “ugh, I just don’t like water!” when it might just be you don’t like water that way.

    For me, I don’t like warm water. But I also don’t like too cold. I’ve found putting some crushed ice into my cup and then filling with water gives me the perfect temperature.

    It took me like 30 years to figure that out haha

    I like the snowball effect also. Especially about goals, when you succeed you feel successful, and wins lead to wins. Love it!

    1. Way to keep trying until you succeeded! We are all so different. It is important to keep experimenting until you find what works best for you. Thank you for the kind comments, Beth!

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