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How to Conquer Sugar for Good: 3 Month Update

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After the challenge, the sugar cravings were conquered and there was freedom around food…at first. 

But over time, with temptations and a busy life, sugar crept in again. EVERYDAY. 

frustrated with sugar cravings

Once sugar was back into my diet, the cravings returned. 

It was time to start a food journal and pay attention to my food dialog. 

The Food Devil’s Influence Over Sugar Choices

As mentioned in the challenge, we all have a ‘food angel’ and ‘food devil’ that tries and often influences our food choices. The more we listen to this internal dialog the better we are at mastering it. 

When you don’t listen you’re on autopilot. That’s when the food devil is quick to help you make bad decisions. 

While keeping a food journal, there was a breakthrough.

I was hungry, it was a hot day, and picking up a pint of cool creamy ice cream while shopping came to mind. I paused as I thought about recording ice cream in my journal and asked myself, “what can I do instead that would help conquer sugar cravings?”

Food Devil: But it’s hot and you’re hungry!

Food Angel: What if you make a quick green smoothie to fill yourself up before going shopping. Also, bring a large water bottle of iced tea. You love ice tea on a hot day.

You hear the food angel best when you ask for and want to hear the advice. 

conquer sugar cravings

New Beginnings – Conquered Sugar Cravings

As was evident after the challenge, taking it one day is important to conquering sugar cravings for good.

On the bright side, when we go long enough without sugar, the cravings go away. Just not the temptations. 

When temptations happen, don’t fight the craving. Instead, ask yourself what else could you have that brings you the same enjoyment while still supporting your health.

A Plan of Action to Fight Sugar Cravings

A food journal also helps you notice where common temptations crop up in your daily life.

  • Having a plan of action ahead of time for these temptations supports the formation of new habits. A new healthy auto-response to replace old unhealthy ways.

What stumbling blocks do you run into continually when you’re trying to eat healthily? Coming up with a plan ahead of time makes all the difference in improving healthy choices.

  • It’s possible to satisfy your wants and have a good time without ruining your health. 

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