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31 Advantages and Benefits of Working Out At Home

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Get fit this year and level up your health. The benefits of working out at home yields results. Besides being inexpensive, it’s amazing for developing a consistent fitness routine.

Your Health Benefits From Working Out at Home

You’re busy and it’s easy to put exercise off for a day. Days become weeks, weeks become months, you get the picture. You know exercise is important but it needs to fit into your tight schedule. This is where working out at home benefits you the most – it’s convenient.

Your fitness edge comes from consistent exercise becoming a part of your life.

Making your workouts convenient is part of removing the hurdles that keep you from developing the life-changing habit of a consistent fitness routine.

And it doesn’t get more convenient than the at-home workout. Keep reading to learn all the benefits of working out at home and fast track your health.

Benefits of Working Out At Home

Benefits of Working Out At Home

1. Cost-Effective

Sweating it out at home saves serious cash. Gym memberships cost a pretty penny these days, not to mention the cost of gas traveling to the gym.

Save that cash and use it to give yourself a reward after completing an at-home exercise streak or challenge. 

2. Time-Saving

Working out at-home saves commute time. Cutting the amount of time it takes to workout cuts excuses.

Eliminating the excuse of not enough time is one of many benefits of working out at home that keeps you on track all year long.

At home, it only takes 5 min. to be ready for a run, clicked into an exercise video, or playing your favorite music while pumping dumbbells.

3. Flexible

You will get sick, you’ll overbook your days, and you won’t always be able to get to the gym. The habit of the at-home workout saves the day when things don’t go as planned and you need more flexibility.

Flexibility is important when establishing and staying on track with a workout routine.

4. No Nasty Germs

Thanks to Covid 19, avoiding germs has gone to a whole new level. The fact is most of us don’t have the choice to go to the gym right now. Hopefully, that will change but avoiding dangerous germs is always important.

Exercising at home keeps germs at bay. There’s no need to  wipe down machines, worry about who sat on the machines before you, or worry what else you might pick up when your phone drops on the floor. 

You might love the gym, but you probably can’t wait to wash your hands, phone, and clothes after your workouts.

5. Clean Up and Get Ready At Home

Speaking of clean, cleansing your body of all the toxins you’ve sweated out and using your own personal beauty products is a huge benefit to an at-home workout.

Who knows what’s lurking on the floors of your local gym’s showers. Even worse is not showering and stewing in salty, sweaty toxins until you finally get a chance to rinse off at home.

6. Privacy Working Out At Home

In the privacy of your own home,  you don’t have to worry about who’s judging your form, fashion, or fitness level.

No need to be polite, you can just be. Sometimes you need some time to yourself away from the crowd. Your home is your safe haven where you can really get into your workout and not worry about the other people around you.

7. No Creepers

Unfortunately, they’re out there. Most of the time they just watch but every once in a while, they’re bold enough to approach. 

Yes, ignoring them or giving them the stink eye is a good idea but it’s freeing to workout at home without being observed by the lookie-loo two machines away.

8. Eliminate Distractions

While you may need to eliminate some distractions while working out at home, gym distractions are not easily changed. 

Bad music, news on tv screens, friends you haven’t seen in a while, or strangers chatting next to the machine you’re working on can slow you down and take the focus away from your workout.

9. Freedom – No Rules

Your house, your rules. The gym on the other hand must have rules, lots of rules.

Wipe down the machines, no dropping the weights, opening and closing times,  use the machines this way, not that way, no loud music, leave your cell phone in your locker, be on time for your class, no chit chat. 

Don’t get me wrong, I like rules at the gym!  But it’s nice not to have any when you workout at home.

10. Always Open

At home workouts are always available. Unless you’re a member at 24 hr fitness, your gym’s schedule is going to limit you. 

This benefit is also important when establishing an exercise habit. The more times a week you workout,  the faster you will see results. Momentum builds and then not exercising feels strange.

Don’t let hours of operations stop you from being your best self.

11. Doesn’t Matter What You Wear

No shoes, no shirts, no problem!

Bust your move in jammies, wear those comfy shorts that expose cellulite, or don your favorite holey tee. No one cares what you wear when you’re at home.

Let’s face it, some of the things you’d be willing to work out in at home could get you some strange looks at the gym. 

12. Messy Hair, Don’t Care

No makeup, messy hair? At home, who cares! 

Your workout goal at home is to get started. The goal for the gym is to at least tame the Lion King hair you woke up with and maybe swipe on some gloss and mascara.

Once again, working out at home saves you time and puts fitness first.

13. Limits Excuses

Starting an exercise routine and sticking with it is always going to be rife with excuses and roadblocks to overcome. Excuses don’t get results.

The at-home workout eliminates lots of potential  excuses. 

When you have a workout routine that you can do wherever you are, you become master and commander of your fitness. 

Nothing can stop you and that’s what you need. 

14. No Rush

At home, no one’s waiting for you to finish your reps so they can use your machine. 

Class doesn’t have a start and stop time. You go at your own pace. If you need to hit pause to get a drink, you don’t miss out on any moves. 

No rushing home to get dinner started. Pop dinner in the oven to cook while you slay your cross fit video.

15. No Lines

Sometimes, you’re the one waiting in line at the gym.  

It’s frustrating to watch the lifter on the crunch machine scrolling and texting on their phone between reps. Do you become that toe tapping impatient person or kindly confront them?  

It’s nice to run through your routine without worrying about someone else’s schedule.

16. More Joy- Less Ego

Comparison is the thief of joy. It’s hard not to compare a little when you’re at the gym. 

When you workout at home you more easily make the only comparison that really matters. How well you did today compared to yesterday. You’re in competition with yourself, not the younger, fitter member at the gym.

17. Workout With Family And Friends

Going for a walk with your girlfriend takes exercise to the next level. Chatty healthy fun.

Lively outdoor activities with your kids builds strong bodies and relationships. 

Trying to motivate your family to workout with you at the gym and then getting everyone there is like pulling teeth.

Part of being healthy is developing community. When you combine important relationships with exercise it’s a win-win.

18. Quick and Easy

Where do you have 15 min today? You almost always have 15 min somewhere in your day. The beauty of at-home exercise is that you can fit it in even on your busiest days.

Quick 15 min body-weight training or HIIT routines can be done once a day or numerous times throughout the day for hassle free fitness. 

When you’re at home,  it’s easy to stop what you’re doing and stretch for a few minutes, or drop and do 25 sit ups. You don’t have to prep anything to run up and down your stairs 10 times between activities.

Going to the gym isn’t quick and easy. After all the prep and travel, the last thing you want to do is a quick 15 min. workout.

19. Workout For Your Brain

Regularly working out at home more easily leads to creatively finding new ways to incorporate movement into your day.

Squats in the kitchen while you wait for the water to boil. Racing your dog up the stairs, push ups between commercials. Fitness becomes a part of your home life and isn’t just reserved for the gym.

A no brainer gym routine can be helpful for staying on track with fitness, but your muscles and brain crave variety.

20. More Variety

Like your brain, it’s good for your muscles to be challenged with new movements. Once muscles adapt to a workout, you lose the effectiveness of those exercises.There is no better way to add variety to your workouts than when you’re at home. 

Outdoor sports, exercises videos and apps, body weight routines, core building, walking, running, dancing, the variety of options is almost limitless. 

21. More Comfortable

At home workouts cannot be beat for comfort. Physical, mental, and emotional. Want to get comfortable with fitness? Start working out from home. You’ll build confidence and strength in yourself and your body.

Walking into a new environment full of strangers is so much easier when you already have some mastery over flexibility, strength, and mobility. 

22. No Judgement

When you exercise at home no one judges your body, what exercises you’re doing, or if you’re working out to their standards. 

Lifting 10 lb free weights between two power lifting women is kinda awkward. Which leads to an important point. Don’t judge yourself either. Whether at the gym or at home. Do your best and forget the rest.

23. Eliminates Fear Of Failure

It’s a lot easier to fail privately than in a room full of people. 

Can’t keep your balance while lunging? Couldn’t lift your weights more than twice? Leggings aren’t squat proof? No one cares when you’re at home. 

At home, you can focus on failing forward without the pressure of others witnessing your mistakes and struggles. 

It gives you room to develop an attitude of strength and confidence before working out in front of others.

24. No Embarrassment

No need to worry about awkward sweat showing through your leggings or t-shirt. 

Crazy bridge thrusting? No need to blush. 

Every awkward, suggestive, unattractive move can be done without cringing. 

How many exercises do you pass up at the gym because there is no way you’re doing that move in public?

25. No Weird Smells

Between stranger’s body odor, dirty floors, old sweat, and the constant spraying of disinfectants, the gym can be toxic to your nose. 

Your house smells like home and if you’re outdoors…ah, sweet fresh air.

26. Fido And Kitty Cheer You On

What could be better than having your little tiger come over and give you a nudge of encouragement during a workout?

It’s sweet when you get down on the ground for stretching and your favorite critter comes over for some love. 

Besides, your pup might get that walk he’s been craving, instead of waiting for you to get home from the gym.

27. Vitamin D

At home, exercising outside is a breeze.

Not only will you enjoy the benefits of exercise, but you’ll increase your Vitamin D levels too. 

Vitamin D helps fight disease, reduces depression, and boosts weight loss. 

28. Leads To More Well Rounded Workouts

You’re more likely to mix it up a bit when you workout at home. A mix of cardio, core, weights, mobility, and fun are all important in a fitness routine.

Beautiful day? Time to go for a walk. 

Rainy and cold? Pop in a weight lifting DVD.

Feel like dancing? Crank up the tunes. 

Need a quick workout? 7 minutes of HIIT and you’re good to go. 

Kids bored? Challenge them to a game of basketball. 

29. More Fun

At the gym, it isn’t always easy to really let your guard down and have a blast. 

Yes, working out at the gym leads to good feelings, but it isn’t fun like taking Fido for a walk or dancing like no one’s watching during your favorite at home hip hop routine.

30. No Headphones

 No more messing with headphone wires or wireless headphone’s low batteries.

Play your tunes loud and proud.

All those cheesy and obnoxious songs you love to sweat to can be played at full volume in the privacy of your own home.

31. Clean Eating Advantage

Being at home while exercising gives you more control over what you eat before and after working out. The gym is usually short on healthy choices and being out and about for workouts often leads to temptations.

Before a workout away from home, it’s all too common to skip a meal or lean on processed convenience foods.

And after the gym, it’s more likely you’ll grab something on the go to curb that intense hunger you just whipped up. Those to-go choices are often unhealthy. 

Bad food choices can quickly sabotage your healthy workout. 

Solutions for At-Home Workout Pitfalls

The benefits of working out at home come with some potential obstacles.

  • Space: Choose your workout areas and routines to match the space available.
  • Weather: Be sure to have both inside and outside workouts for hot and cold days.
  • Equipment: Having basic equipment can go a long way. Your own bodyweight is perfect for starting out. Then add bands or dumbbells once you advance.
  • Motivation: Having a habit tracker or a calendar that you can check off is surprisingly easy and effective. Don’t forget your reward for a job well done.
  • Childcare: Trade time with a friend, negotiate with hubby, or pop little ones into the stroller and go for a walk.

Avoiding these pitfalls sets you up for fitness success. Consistency is key.

Bonus Benefits: 7 Quick Working Out at Home Moves

Benefits of Working Out at Home
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Below are 7 quick exercises you can do at home with 30 sec or less videos to show form.


The lunge is more fun on the go. Instead of standing in place to do this, add some lunges into your daily walk. See how many you can get in. Your thighs will thank you and it’s empowering to feel the strength you’ve built in your legs the next time you climb the stairs.

Step Up

Build your booty. A step up done on your stairs or a front porch bench is a great way to build your leg muscles and improve your balance. 10-20 each leg.

Push Up

Start with lady push-ups and in no time you’ll be doing these just like the gents. Do as many as you can with the goal to add one more as often as possible. Here’s an example of an incline push-up that is easier than a regular push-up and can be done at home against a wall, on stairs, or a sturdy bench.

Leg Kick Back

An incredibly effective exercise that tightens your backside. Start on all fours and slowly raise and lower one leg 20 times. Repeat on the other side.


What’s better than exercising while laying down? Doing one that pumps your booty up too. With so many variations to the bridge, you’ll never get bored, but look out for that lift the bridge is known for creating. 20 reps or until you feel the burn.

Sit-up or Crunch

The time-honored sit-up builds your core. Here’s the crunch version for less strain on your back. Start with 8-12 reps and work your way up to 25.


A great all over core strengthener. Hold your plank for 1 minute and watch those abs you made in the kitchen reveal themselves.

How the Benefits of Working Out at Home Pay-off

Sometimes motivation doesn’t show up until after you’ve started a fitness routine. This is where the benefits of working out at-home can propel you to success. Working out at home makes motivation easier by helping you develop a fitness habit that causes your body to crave movement.

Never again feel like the gym is the only way to start your fitness journey.

Your at-home workout is free, convenient, and extremely flexible which makes it easy to fit into your day.

Do you have a favorite at-home workout? What benefits have you found for working out at home? When does your at-home workout trip you up? Sometimes just writing down your struggles helps you see the answer to the problem. Share in the comments below.

Thank you for being here and taking the time to read to the end. Health journeys are more powerful when shared, so be sure to leave a comment below. ❤️


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10 thoughts on “31 Advantages and Benefits of Working Out At Home”

  1. Rebecca Gardner

    I’m glad you explained that working out at home is more private. My husband and I want to get in shape this summer. I’ll have to look for squat racks and other equipment we can get to work out at home!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Yes, home equipment can be helpful. I find my own body weight and a set of 5lb weights are very effective for at-home workouts. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  2. Love this post! Working out at home has rapidly become the new norm and I’m so here for that! There are more apps from home and more of an online community about it finally! Thank you for sharing, this is lovely!

    1. So true and thank you, Sophie! There are probably a lot of amazing exercise at home apps out there. I tend to lean on my DVD workouts and taking a walk. Knowing the exercise moves on the DVD workout allows for concentrate on form.

      On the other hand, apps add variety and offer a minimalistic approach. You’ve inspired me to search for a well rounded, fun, quick workout app to add to my at-home exercise toolbox. I’ve also heard Amazon Prime has some good work-out videos. Food for thought. 🙂

      Thank you for your comment!

  3. I work out at home everyday. I have never had a gym membership, and can count the number of times I have worked out in a gym. I am just more of a home body. I will meet up with friends to go for a walk or run at a park.. I take advantage of the sunny days the most I can, because fresh air and sun! The benefits of working out at home and getting your heart rate up is tremendous to health! Great read, I love the YouTube videos for workout suggestions.

    1. Yes, Katie! That’s awesome. While I do love working out at the gym…when they’re open or I make the time to get there, I’ve been most consistent and seen better results with at-home workouts.

      Plus, I find my best times for working out are very early morning when the gym isn’t open or right before dinner when there’s not enough time to get to the gym and back.

      Agreed, fresh air and sunshine make that ‘exercise high’ even higher. Thank you for stopping by and sharing.

  4. I agree with you April on the all benefits of home work out. I am not a gym person at all. I enjoy walks outdoors when the weather permits. I have a routine set of stretches that I do everyday. I Suryanamaskara or Sun salutation is an age old Yoga tradition performed in the morning sunlight which offers vitamin D + whole mind & body union.

    1. Hi Sheetal,

      Your comment makes me want to head out the door right now.:) That sounds lovely.

      There are picnic tables on my neighborhood walk and I do some step-ups on the seat section for each leg too. I really must make time for a set of stretches. A nice reward after a workout. Take care and thank you for your comment!

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