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What if you were in the best shape of your life?  

What would that allow you to do? How would it change your life for the better? Weight loss and getting fit are about more than looking good. It’s about living a vibrant life. It’s about feeling strong, confident, and looking your best.

It’s time for transformation.

A new approach that brings about lasting results. Healthy choices made again and again until they turn into empowering new habits. A place for loving accountability, where you can safely share your struggles and successes. A plan to stay consistent with your health and weight loss goals. Mind shifts that transform your actions. Accepting yourself as you are right now. Loving yourself into a new way of living that brings about the transformations you have always dreamed of achieving.

It’s not always easy.

In the past, you may have lost weight, only to regain it.  Periodically, you’re motivated to lose weight again, then, for lots of different reasons – Stop.

Your days are busy taking care of the people and things you love. You wear many hats. Your ‘To Do’ list is big and full of things you not only need to do, but, things you should and want to do as well. To top it off, you usually make all of this happen within a budget. You know weight loss and health are important, but it isn’t easy finding time to prioritize them. When life gets hard or busy, it is easy to let your health go.

There are SO many different reason why you are not at your ideal weight and fitness level. You think about your health and fitness all the time, but you get burnt out.

You ’re tired of…

  • Starting programs that don’t work long term.
  • Weight loss becoming more difficult with children, a career, and/or as you get older.
  • Feeling uncomfortable in your clothes.
  • Trying to disguise extra pounds.
  • Time consuming and boring exercise programs.
  • Regaining unwanted pounds..
  • Feeling guilty and bad about yourself because of your weight.

But you don’t just make bad choices with food, you fill your mind with junk too. Your mental weights are holding you back from your best results.

What beliefs play in your mind?

  • I’ll never lose this weight.
  • My metabolism is slow.
  • I’m too old.
  • I don’t have time.
  • Junk food taste too good.
  • I can’t give up…fill-in-the-blank.
  • Eating healthy is too expensive.
  • I don’t have the willpower.
  • I have failed too many times in the past to be successful now.

You need a new perspective.

Positive thoughts, mottos, advice and tips that replace those old sabotaging stories. You need a  plan to stay on track when the going gets tough. Your small, but transformative changes will build on each other, leading to success.

Hi, I’m April.

I know how frustrating it is to lose weight and feel like your health and weight is finally under control, only to derail your best efforts with the next holiday or busy time of year.

My S.A.D. Story:

I grew up on the Standard American Diet (SAD). Although Mom labored over homemade Betty Crocker meals nightly, the few vegetables we had were well cooked except for the occasional iceberg salad. The majority of my wilted veggies made it into my pocket and then down the toilet at my next bathroom break. I also ate a lot of convenient and fast foods. 

After seeing residential homes behind our local McDonald’s drive-thru, one of my childhood dreams became owning a house next to McDonald’s so I could eat there everyday.

Cheese-in-a-jar spread on crackers was, in my mind, a healthy snack.  Imagine my surprise when one day I noticed the jar read, “Not a Food Product.”  As a teenager, that didn’t slow my consumption down one bit.

My favorite breakfast on my college commute was a Carl’s Jr double bacon cheeseburger with a diet Pepsi.

Emotional eating? I ate for all my emotions. It didn’t matter if I was celebrating or comforting.

During the 90s when fat was the enemy and my dad had lost a bunch of weight eating Nature Valley fat-free granola bars, I would come home from work with a box of Snackwell’s devil’s food cookies and eat the whole box of delicious spongy cakes. After all, they were fat free.

Needless to say, I wasn’t a food purist as a kid. If my family hadn’t joined a gym my junior year of high school I would have struggled to keep a healthy weight.

Turning over a New Leaf.

It wasn’t until the end of college that I stumbling upon health books like Neal Barnard’s “Food For Life.” I was excited to learn my health was in my own hands and that with a healthy diet and exercise I could be fit and lean.

My soon-to-be-husband and I agreed that when we had our own place we would have a fridge full of raw veggies and healthy food. It took me a while to learn you can still eat a lot of junk labeled ‘healthy’  from, New Leaf, our local health food store.

This is me now.

I am a married mom of 4 boys who has tried many different diet lifestyles over the years. I’ve healed a couple of chronic health issues and have stayed relatively slim along the way. 

Food Freedom.

I know how it feels to have freedom around food without cravings. To be so full of energy you can’t help but get up and move. The joy of watching an ugly rash heal to clear skin and feeling confident in the clothing I am wearing.

I am not perfect. Just because I know what to eat and how to exercise to lose weight and be healthy, doesn’t mean I always make the right choices. My biggest struggle is consistency. I still ‘fall off the wagon’, so there is no judgement here, just understanding and a plan for getting back on track when things don’t go as planned.

I have successfully tried veganism, vegetarianism, raw foodism, Hallelujah Acres diet, food combining, traditional food diet (think raw milk, liver pate and fermented everything), Suzanne Somersizing, Body Ecology, Trim Healthy Mama, Whole 30, Paleo, Keto, and intermittent fasting. I won’t bore you with the list of diet and nutrition books I have read over the years, I am sure you have your own.

Learning, living, and cooking with many different diets has given me a broad view of basic health practices. I have taken what I love from each and made it work for me and my family. Shapely Ways is where I get to share all my best tips and tricks to eating well and staying fit. It is where I share my journey of consistency around health.

Shapely Ways is about what works for you.

When you experiment a little with nutritional truths to find what works best for your life, you find the perfect balance between health and lifestyle.

Shapely Ways is about consistency.

They say starting is the hardest part. Pfft, the hardest part is sticking with it. Consistent healthy choices and not perfection are the key to getting the results you’ve always wanted.

Shapely ways is about self-love, motivation, and accountability.

It’s about making the little everyday choices and mind shifts needed to make big transformations in your life. The best part: weight loss is a side effect of healthy living. We’ll work together to stay motivated and love ourselves along the way.

I look forward to experiencing this journey of transformation with you.

May all your ways be shapely ways!

Interesting facts about me…

  • My childhood home was 15 min. away from Disneyland.
  • When being chased, I laugh hysterically.
  • My husband proposed on the Coast of France.
  • By my request, the pastor who married us did not use the name ‘God’ in our vows, but then I became a Christian 3 years later.
  • I was cured of Lyme disease in 2002.
  • I cured my Perioral Dermatitis (POD) with diet changes in 2012.
  • Our Cocker Spaniel, Sam, likes carrots more than I do.
  • I’ve never counted calories.
  • My boys are home schooled until they are about 16 yrs old, when neither of us can stand it any longer.
  • I am addicted to chocolate.
  • I love eating with my hands. Sorry, Mom and Dad.
  • I hate saying, “Goodbye.”

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