Hello Beautiful!

What would more strength, energy, and health mean to you? How would your life change for the better? Being healthy and fit allows you to live your most vibrant life. In other words, getting to do all the fun things that you’re most passionate about.

Welcome home.

Shapely Ways is where you’re going to get focused, motivated, and stay consistent with your health goals. A place for learning to accept yourself as you are right now. And loving yourself at every stage as you create mind-blowing transformations and lasting change.

It’s not always easy.

Days can be busy taking care of the people and things you love. You wear many hats. Your ‘To Do’ list is big and full of things you not only need to do. but things you should and want to do as well. On top of everything else, there is usually a budget to work within as well. You know your health is important, but it isn’t easy finding time to prioritize it. When life gets hard or busy, it is easy to let your health go.

Especially, when diet and exercise only seem to work if they consume your life and thoughts.

You ’re tired of…

  • Failing at dieting.
  • Watching your belly grow.
  • Healthy choices becoming more difficult with children, a career, and/or as you get older.
  • Feeling uncomfortable in your clothes.
  • Low energy.
  • Time-consuming, painful exercise programs.
  • Feeling guilty and bad about yourself because of food.

Sometimes your mindset isn’t helpful either.

  • I hate exercise.
  • My metabolism is slow.
  • I’m too old.
  • I don’t have time.
  • Junk food tastes too good.
  • I can’t give up…fill-in-the-blank.
  • Eating healthy is too expensive and time-consuming.
  • I don’t have the willpower.
  • I have failed too many times in the past to be successful now.

It’s time for a new approach.

Accountability, encouragement, motivation, and positive thoughts that replace old sabotaging stories. You need a plan to stay on track when the going gets tough. And one to get back on track when unhealthy choices crop up and become the norm. Small changes that build confidence. New habits that lead to sustainable success.

Hi, I’m April.

I know how frustrating it is to feel good about the progress you’ve made with your health, only to have your best efforts derailed by the next major holiday or busy time of year. Having to start over at square one, again and again, is discouraging. So much so that it might even keep you from wanting to start at all.

My S.A.D. Story:

I grew up on the Standard American Diet (SAD). Although Mom labored over homemade meals, the few vegetables we had were often soggy. The majority of these made it into my pocket and then down the toilet at my mid-meal bathroom break.

I also ate a lot of convenient, fast food. 

After seeing residential homes behind our local McDonald’s drive-thru, one of my childhood dreams became owning a house next to McDonald’s so I could eat there every day.

When commuting to college, my favorite breakfast was a Carl’s Jr double bacon cheeseburger with a diet Pepsi.

Needless to say, I wasn’t a food purist as a kid.

Turning over a New Leaf.

Toward the end of college, I stumbling upon health books like Neal Barnard’s “Food For Life” and started working out. I was excited to learn my health was in my own hands. My new healthy diet coupled with exercise gave me energy and strength I hadn’t experienced before. I learned healthy eating could be easy and enjoyable.

The only problem was I often fell back into old childhood eating habits. As my energy drained and my clothes started feeling tight again, I would turn to the latest and greatest fad diet.

My saving grace was my inability to stick to a strict diet. Consequently, I would take the doable parts of those diets which were usually eating whole healthy foods and start to feel better again.

This is me now.

I’m a married mom of 4 boys who’s tried many different diet lifestyles over the years. I’ve healed a couple of chronic health issues and learned a lot about nutrition. 

I know how it feels to have freedom around food. To live without unhealthy cravings. To be so full of energy you can’t help but get up and move. The joy of watching an ugly rash heal to clear skin and feeling confident in clothing. And most importantly how to quickly get back on track when you get sidetracked or lose motivation.

Becoming consistent is the key to success.

Shapely Ways helps create consistency.

This blog is as much for me as for you. It is a chance to dig deeper into what really makes a difference. What easily and quickly moves the dial for next-level health. How to stay focused and consistent with goals.

Consistent healthy choices and not perfection are what get you the results you’ve always wanted. Progress, not perfection.

Shapely Ways enhances your unique lifestyle.

When you experiment a little with nutritional truths to find what works best for you and your family, you strike the perfect balance between health and lifestyle. Shapely Ways is here to support your unique and changing lifestyle.

You’ll learn tips and tricks for making your health a priority. Micro habits that start positive momentum and propel you toward your health goals. Minimum change for maximum results.

Shapely Ways makes healthy living easy and fun.

Little everyday choices and mind shifts allow you to achieve big results in your life. The best part: weight loss is a side effect of healthy living. Let’s work together to stay motivated, encourage each other, be accountable, and love ourselves along the way.

Here is a list of 8 Budget-Friendly Superfoods to keep in the fridge.

I look forward to experiencing this journey of transformation with you.

May all your ways be Shapely Ways!

Interesting facts about me…

  • My childhood home was 15 min. away from Disneyland.
  • When being chased, I laugh hysterically.
  • My husband proposed on the Coast of France.
  • By my request, the pastor who married us did not use the name ‘God’ in our vows, but then I became a Christian 3 years later.
  • I was cured of Lyme disease in 2002.
  • I cured my Perioral Dermatitis (POD) with diet changes in 2012.
  • Our Cocker Spaniel, Sam, likes carrots more than I do.
  • I’ve never counted calories.
  • My boys are homeschooled until they are about 16 yrs old when neither of us can stand it any longer.
  • Chocolate brings me joy.
  • I love eating with my hands. Sorry, Mom and Dad.
  • I hate saying, “Goodbye.”

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