7 Day Sugar-Free Diet Detox Plan to End Sugar Cravings – 3-month Update

After the challenge, I didn’t crave sugar and felt a lot of freedom around food…at first. 

But over time, with temptations and a busy life, I started eating sugar again. EVERYDAY. 

Once I let sugar back into my diet, the cravings returned. 

I decide to start a food journal and pay attention to my food dialog. 

The Food Devil’s Influence Over Food Choices

As mentioned in the challenge, we all have a food angel and food devil that tries and often does influence our food choices. The more we listen to this internal dialog the better we are at mastering it. 

When I don’t listen I’m on autopilot. Then the food devil is quick to help me make bad decisions. 

Food Devil: Delicious, cool, creamy ice cream. You can buy it at the store.

Me: Okay!

Breaking Free From a Bad Influence

And then a breakthrough came. I paused as I thought about recording ice cream in my journal and asked, “what could I do instead?”

Food Devil: But it’s hot and you’re hungry!

Food Angel:  Do you want to feel happy or disappointed with your choice?

Me: Happy.

Food Angel: What if you make a quick green smoothie to fill yourself up before going shopping. Also, a large water bottle of iced tea. You love ice tea on a hot day.


  • I hear the food angel best when I ask for and want to hear the advice. 
  • I need a plan of action that will create new habits for those times of temptation. A new healthy auto-response to replace my unhealthy habits.

New Beginnings

As was evident after the challenge, I still need to take it one day at a time to stay sugar-free. If I go long enough without sugar, it is easier.  Plus, the quest gave me new tools to conquer my sugar addiction. 

I have since changed the names of my internal dialog buddies to better represent their true characteristics. Eric Edmeades sometimes calls the food devil the “stubborn teen” and the food angel your “wise sage”. 

When I really thought about what the food devil was up to, I realized mine already had a name and for some reason, he is male (sorry men!).  His name is “Junk Food Junkie”. 

The food angel is female. I call her “Healthy Hippie”. 

These two are not only concerned with food choices but other aspects that affect my health too. 

Junk Food Junkie

Junk Food Junkie is impulsive, risky and lives in the moment. He comes up with quick responses to knock down any protest against his desires.

Future consequences are not his concern. He wants impulsive indulgences. And he doesn’t want me to think about it. 

Junk Food Junkie likes to stay up late, sleep in, watch too many Youtube videos, and choose easy. 

Healthy Hippie

She loves all things healing and health. 

Going to bed before 10 pm, green drinks or salads, encouraging others, these are her preferences. Tasty nutrient-dense meals that keep me full and feeling balanced are her food specialty. 

Making the right choice is sometimes hard. 

She reminds me that the right choices made many times in a row, eventually become the easy one. 

If I end up making bad choices and don’t ask for her advice, that’s okay too. She encourages me to start again. Every minute is a chance to start over.

Let’s Wrap it Up

My definition of fun can be full of false beliefs. The most fun and life-giving choices, in the long run, are healthy ones. The food devil would have me believe otherwise. 

It is by listening to the food devil and embracing its desires, that my food angel and I can come up with different ways to ‘have fun’. 


  • I can satisfy those wants and have a good time without ruining my health. 

May the food angel and food devil be with you!

Weight loss is a side effect of healthy living which makes healthy ways – shapely ways.

Thank you for being here and chatting with me about all things health! I love and appreciate you more than you know!


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